Luka EV
The new standard in electric car efficiency.


July 2017.  Website news.

Information available at this web site is very limited.  Due to the strict nature of European legislation related to product descriptions, we have to be very careful about everything shared on the site. It is difficult & challenging to develop a car.  It is even more challenging to understand the potential legal issues when attempting to sell a car.  As such, the Luka project is remaining essentially ''dark''.  The current function of the website is simply to let interested parties know that the project is alive & well. 

July 2017.  Production news.

We have suggested to customers that we can deliver vehicles at the end of summer 2017.  As summer ends on Sept 22nd we may have been slightly optimistic.  A limited supply of Left hand drive cars should be available by the end of September.  However, RHD & Soft top cars will take a little longer.  Hopefully, these will be available toward the end of the year.

February 2017. Certification news. First Continental Europe Type Approval.

Up to the end of 2016, we have only worked with Type Approval in the United Kingdom.  As the UK has a flourishing industry in novel & small series car building, the UK authorities are more forgiving in their interpretations of the  Type Approval  rules that their continental counterparts.  LUKA EV has now succeeded in gaining Type Approval in its first continental European market, the Czech Republic. This represents quite a step forward as the Czech authorities are well known for their strict approach.  They give no special help or exceptions to small series builders & judge all cars by the same strict standards.  We are confident that cars approved by the Czech authorities will have little difficulty being registered in other left hand drive EU countries.   With this certification template in place we should be able to support customers based in  Continental Europe whom we had to refuse orders from in the past.

December 2016. Development news. New Versions of LUKA

In addition to in-wheel motors, we are now experimenting with other drive systems.  We are developing a near wheel drive system targeting those who are not yet quite ready for the leap to in-wheel technology.  In addition, we will build a small series of I.C.E cars using the LUKA platform.  Powered by an Ecoboost engine producing 275HP, these I.C.E cars will certainly not be environmentally friendly.  The limited edition I.C.E production is simply to satisfy a market demand from those who want to be seen in a LUKA but who do not (yet) fully believe in Electric cars.  The first I.C.E cars will be delivered in December 2017. With a curb weight slightly lighter than the Electric version, expect the I.C.E version to be fast & exciting.

September 2016. Development news.  Range Extender.

September sees the start of testing on a new 20Kg, 5kW range extender we have developed.  With such a low weight, the range extender will not significantly impact the range of the car while in Pure Electric mode.  However, it will allow almost unlimited range once the (petrol power)  range extender is engaged.  If testing goes as expected the result will be that a rapid charge network will not be required to support LUKA.  The long term idea is that the range extender will charge the battery slightly more quickly than the battery is discharging.  In effect, no more range anxiety & no need to worry if your intended route has a public charging network.  More information will follow after the initial 3 month test period.

August  2016.  Soft Top Convertible LUKA III.

Due to continuing customer demand, a soft top convertible version is being developed.  The first soft tops are scheduled for delivery to the UK market in Q4 2017.  More info including teaser pictures will be released soon.